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, Shower Replacement Baton Rouge LAMake Your Baton Rouge Bathroom Feel New with a Shower Replacement

Many homeowners don’t realize that a shower has a lifespan. Since most showers last at least 10 years, it might surprise you to find out how old the technology in your shower is. It is likely that in the time since your shower was installed, there have been significant improvements made to shower surrounds and bases. If your shower is old, dated, permanently stained, chipping, peeling, or a haven for mold colonies, it might be time to upgrade with a shower replacement.

At MaxHome, we’ve been working with homeowners in Baton Rouge and throughout Louisiana for over a decade. Our beautiful replacement showers are easy to care for and are designed to make bathing easier. Plus, most of our shower replacements can be installed in only one day, giving you more time to enjoy your new bathroom.

Choose the Perfect Shower Replacement for Your Home

Your new shower can have all the features you’ve always wanted for your bathing area. Not only can you choose cosmetic features, but there are also mobility- and convenience-enhancing features that can be built in to your shower to make your life easier.

Functional Shower Bases

Our shower bases are the foundation for a beautiful, low-maintenance replacement shower. They come in several orientations to fit your shower layout flawlessly. Intelligently designed, our shower bases feature a gentle slope that is designed to eliminate pooling water. The threshold has also been engineered to be as low as possible, allowing for effortless entry. They’re exceptionally easy to clean and have been crafted to resist chipping and staining. You can even select between several colors to suit your bathroom’s design scheme.

Beautiful Shower Surrounds

The shower surrounds featured in our shower replacements are gorgeous and durable. Made from a composite of crushed marble and fiber strands, they are unlike other synthetic shower surrounds in that they are nonporous and, thus, naturally antimicrobial. They’re also remarkably easy to clean, requiring only a gentle multi-purpose cleaner and a cloth. And, since our shower surrounds don’t have grout or seams, you won’t have to worry about scrubbing away ugly stains from the gaps.

Plus, because they feature real crushed marble, they’re able to beautifully imitate shower surrounds made of tile, stone, or brick, without the drawbacks associated with these materials. You can choose between several textures and designs to suit your needs. You can even mix and match certain designs to have a completely unique replacement shower.

When you design your new shower surround, you can take the opportunity to add custom, built-in features to make your life easier. You can select from a number of faucet choices to suit your décor or needs. Additionally, you can add handy components like recessed or floating shelving, grab bars, and built-in seating.

Other Bathing Options

If instead of replacing your shower with a new one you’d rather have a new bath, MaxHome can help. We have several options to choose from, including traditional and walk-in tubs. You’ll still have the ability to choose the same beautiful shower surrounds and add useful features like shelving and seating to your new tub.

The Source for Shower Replacements in Baton Rouge

If you’re considering a shower replacement for your home in Baton Rouge, turn to the experts at MaxHome. Our team can help you plan and design your dream shower. To find out more or to schedule an in-home consultation with a bath and shower expert, contact MaxHome today.

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