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4 Signs That You Could Benefit From a Shower Remodel

, Signs That You Could Benefit From a Shower RemodelPeople tend to procrastinate about many things, home projects included. Take your shower for example: While you would love to update this space, you may not feel like spending time and money on it unless it’s absolutely necessary or the universe gives you a sign. How about four of them? Here are some of the top signs that you could benefit from a shower remodel:

1.     There’s a Fair Amount of Damage

One of the main reasons you may be seeking out a new shower is because yours is damaged in some way. Whether there’s cracks in the tub/basin, tiles falling off the walls, or stains that no amount of scrubbing can resolve, it can certainly make for an unpleasant—or even impossible—showering experience. If your current system has more damage than its worth, this is a strong indicator that you’re due for an upgrade.

2.     You Never Use Your Tub Anymore

Like many people, you probably have a combination bathtub/shower. Maybe once upon a time you got a decent amount of use out of the tub part, but nowadays you and your family exclusively use the shower. This is reason enough to ditch the tub altogether and remodel it into a barrier-free shower.

3.     It’s Difficult to Navigate

Does your shower have a high tub wall that is difficult to climb over or constantly trips you up? Is the entrance to your shower butting up against a cabinet or the toilet? Are you tripping over shampoo bottles because there’s nowhere to put them? Navigating around your shower shouldn’t be the hardest task you do all day—if it is, this is another clear sign that you’re due for a shower remodel. Designing a system that’s uniquely catered to your needs will ensure you can enjoy a much easier showering experience.

4.     The Whole Fixture Is Outdated

Refreshing other parts of a bathroom is fairly easy and can often be DIY projects. For example, you can apply a fresh coat of paint, swap out hardware, and refinish cabinets to give the space an updated feel. If you’ve made these changes over the years while your shower stayed untouched, it’s probably looking quite dated and out of place. A shower remodel can change this, providing you with a modern system that will not only match the rest of your bathroom but likely elevate its entire appearance.

Now that you’ve found your sign(s) to remodel your shower, the next part is choosing a reliable and experienced company for the task. For homeowners throughout Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, and Florida, that company is MaxHome. We proudly perform a range of bathroom remodeling services, including shower replacements, and work closely with our customers to provide them with the ultimate upgrades. Our walk-in showers are also expertly crafted from quality materials to ensure that you don’t find yourself in need of another remodel any time soon.

We always start our bathroom remodels with a complimentary consultation. Contact MaxHome today to schedule yours!

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