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Aging-in-Place Bathroom Safety: Slips, falls, and close calls

Aging-in-place, Aging-in-Place Bathroom Safety: Slips, falls, and close calls

Over 360* accidents happen in the bathroom every day, making the bathroom the most dangerous room in the house. Most of these accidents happen to those in their golden years while getting in and out of the bathing area. These slips and falls can be especially damaging to those over the age of 65 who often lose their independence due to these accidents The good news is that there are steps you can take in advance to help prevent bathroom accidents.  These steps revolve around aging-in-place bathroom remodeling.

AginginPlace Bathroom Remodeling: 

Aginginplace bathroom remodeling is centered around creating a safe environment designed for the aging homeowner.  This remodeling philosophy is about designing a safe bathroom that allows the homeowner to livindependently longer If done properly, it can provide a comfortable option for those looking to stay in their homes through their golden years while also improving the aging homeowner’s quality of life. 

Key Concepts to Creating a Safer and More Beautiful Bathroom: 

  1. Safety 
  2. Affordable Luxury 
  3. Independence 

SafetyThe goal is to create a space that puts the homeowner in a position that they have the least chance of injury. This means designing a space that considers height of step into and out of the bathing areaposition of grab bars, height of water controls for ease of use sitting or standing, height and overall placement of shelving, and placement of seating. The design’s focus is to ensure the homeowner can always complete the bathing task in a safe way.  

Affordable Luxury: Just because a bathroom needs to be made safer doesn’t mean that it has to lack style. Some of nation’s largest bath brands, like Kohler, and Jacuzzioffer stylish options that not only make the bathroom safer but elevate the bathing area to a level of luxury that everyone deserves in their golden years.  From spa-like walk-in tubs to beautiful walk-in shower systems, there is a style and price point to fit every homeowner.  

Independence: By creating a safer bathroom the chance of living an independent lifestyle increases greatly. One of the factors that decreases independence in adults during their golden years is falling. While not all accidents can be prevented, the goal is to do everything possible towards prevention so that the adult can remain independent as long as possible. Independence can increase happiness and sometimes this helps with increasing the longevity of life. 

How to Begin Your Bathroom Remodel: 

The best way to begin your bathroom remodel is to speak with an Aging-In-Place specialistThis specialist has the training to understand the unique needs of the older adult population and is knowledgeable about aginginplace home modifications.  

 A MaxHome specialist will:  

  • Evaluate your current space for safety 
  • Make suggestions on how to make the space safer 
  • Show you product options that will fit your bathing area 
  • Work with you to design a bath that is safe, affordable, and stylish 

Ready to start talking about Aging-In-Place? 

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Learn more about creating a safe bathing space:


*source: New York Times

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