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Window Care in the Winter

, Window Care in the WinterHomeowners know that frequent maintenance and cleaning will keep their windows in great condition—but this task can become more challenging once the temperature drops in the winter. It’s uncomfortable to do chores in the freezing cold, and caring for your windows in the winter comes with different considerations. So, what is the best way to take care of your windows during the cold months, and why is it so important to stay on top of it?

Winter Window Care Is Essential

It’s vital to clean dirt and debris from the frames and glass of your windows. This applies throughout the year, as clean windows preserve curb appeal and prevent damage to the glass, frames, hardware, and locking mechanisms. If you slip on maintenance, grime can build up and start to impact the function and appearance of your windows negatively. What’s more, salt can build up alongside regular debris and cause even more damage, sometimes leading to repairs or replacements.

Clean Your Windows on Warmer Days

When possible, try to wash your windows on days when the temperature is above freezing—otherwise, the water you use to wash your windows will freeze. However, if you must complete this task in below-freezing temperatures, you can add a bit of windshield washer fluid to your soap and water mixture to prevent it from freezing. And as always, clean and dry your windows as fast as possible, so you can enjoy a clear, streak-free view of the beautiful outdoors.

Winter Window Care Methods

Always use a sturdy ladder when cleaning your windows—this is especially important in the winter when the ground can become slippery or wet. Also, be sure to protect your hands by wearing waterproof gloves. Similar to spring, summer, and fall window care, you’ll want to fill up a large bucket with water and mix in dish soap and grab some towels. But make sure that you use only warm water when mixing your soap and water. Cold water will freeze quickly, and hot water on a cold window creates a temperature difference that can easily crack the glass.

After you have the perfect soap mixture, start by wiping off any grime and debris from the window tracks before washing the glass, then clean each window with the water and dish soap mixture. Work by cleaning your windows in sections and squeegee the water off (in a vertical, downward motion) as quickly as possible to keep your windows from icing over. And have plenty of clean, dry towels on hand, both for keeping the squeegee dry and clearing any frost that forms on your windows.

Your Knowledgeable Window Professionals

If you want more advice on the best windows for the cold months, the specialists at MaxHome can help you. We are experts in home improvement and can make recommendations for cleaning, maintenance, and even replacement windows to keep your home comfortable and warm throughout the winter. Feel free to contact us with any questions—we’d be more than happy to advise you and explain the window options we have for area homeowners.

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