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, What Are the Benefits of Low-E Glass Windows?What Are the Benefits of Low-E Glass Windows?

If you’ve been researching replacement windows, you’ve probably come across the term, “Low-E glass.” You can probably tell that Low-E glass helps improves windows and that many people swear by it, but you may find yourself wondering, “What are the benefits of Low-E glass windows?”

To appreciate the benefits of Low-E glass in your replacement windows, you should understand exactly what it is. Glass that is “Low-E” has low-emissivity. Emissivity is a measurement of how much thermal energy something radiates. What does that mean when it comes to windows? Low-E glass windows allow less thermal energy to pass through them compared to windows that don’t have a Low-E coating. That translates to some big benefits for homeowners.

The Biggest Advantages of Low-E Glass Windows

Windows have long been known as one of the places in the home where the most energy is lost. Low-E glass treatments work to combat this problem in two key ways, by:

Keeping Internal Temperatures Consistent

Regardless of whether you’re heating or cooling your home, your goal is to have as little temperature fluctuation as possible. Low-E treatments don’t distinguish between hot and cold temperatures, they simply act as a way to better insulate glass. That means that your window’s glass won’t be drastically different in temperature from the rest of your home.

Stopping External Temperatures from Influencing the Temperature Inside Your Home

By the same token, Low-E glass windows are better at stopping either heat or cold from penetrating through your windows from the outside. Whether it is stiflingly hot or bitterly cold, Low-E glass is better than untreated glass at keeping outside temperatures at bay.

MaxHome Can Install Amazingly Efficient, Low-E Glass Windows at Your Home

Now that you know what the benefits of Low-E glass windows are, you can turn to the pros at MaxHome. We’ve been helping homeowners throughout the Gulf Coast get amazing replacement windows for years. We can help make your home an energy-efficient haven, too. To find out more or to schedule a consultation, contact us today.

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