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Should I Get Rid of My Bath for a Shower?

, Should I Get Rid of My Bath for a Shower?What is one bathroom remodeling trend that’s extremely popular right now? While looking at home magazines, watching remodeling shows, or seeing friends’ project photos, you’ve probably seen plenty of walk-in showers. While you may be interested in adding one of these to your own home, your bathroom may not be able to accommodate two separate bathing systems, which means you’d have to sacrifice your bathtub. If you’re on the fence about getting rid of your bath for a walk-in shower, here are a few things to consider and help guide your decision.

Do You Use Your Tub at All?

This is the biggest factor that influences your choice to get rid of your bathtub. After all, you need a tub in order to take baths! If you can’t imagine giving up your relaxing Friday night baths, or you need your tub to bathe your little ones, it’s probably best not to give it up. On the flip side, if you exclusively shower and can’t remember the last time you took a bath, your tub probably won’t be missed all that much if you swap it for a barrier-free system.

What Are Your Plans for the Future?

While you may not currently use your bathtub, you might want to have a fortune-teller moment and look into the future before replacing it with a shower. Do you think you’ll sell your home any time soon? Potential buyers generally want to see that the house has at least one tub. Or maybe you’re childless right now and can’t think of a reason to use your bath, but do you want kids down the line? It will be easier to bathe them in a tub, at least for their younger years.

Have Your Bathing Needs Changed?

Nearly everybody has tripped while getting in and out of a bath/shower combination. However, if you’re finding it harder and harder to navigate your current system and no longer want to deal with stepping over a high tub wall, you’re better off swapping it out for a barrier-free shower. This way, navigating the wet area can be easier, safer, and more enjoyable.

Count On MaxHome to Convert Your Tub

If you’re convinced that a tub-to-shower conversion is the right upgrade for your home, partner with the experts at MaxHome to make it happen. Since 2003, we have provided homeowners like you with professional workmanship and quality products, so you can rest assured that we’re masters of our craft. Not only will we seamlessly remove your tub and install a sleek walk-in shower in its place, but we’ll custom-craft it to your exact specifications. You can pick from an array of eye-catching shower walls in various colors and textures, as well as optional add-ons like shelving, grab bars, and a bench seat. Whatever you have in mind for your new shower, MaxHome is here to help you bring it to life in your bathroom.

Contact MaxHome today to discuss getting rid of a bathtub in your home and converting it into a stunning walk-in shower.

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