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Is Bath Resurfacing Worth Your Time and Money?

, Is Bath Resurfacing Worth Your Time and Money?If your bathtub is scratched up, worn down, or an outdated color, you may be exploring your options for updating it. Typically, this will come down to two options: resurfacing the bathtub or replacing the entire structure. While a full bathtub replacement is the more popular remodeling option, many homeowners wonder if bath resurfacing is worth the time and money. Here’s what to consider when weighing your options.

What Is Bath Resurfacing?

Also known as tub reglazing, resurfacing the bathtub involves coating the existing bathtub to give it a brand-new surface. This process involves sanding down the bathtub and applying special chemicals, so it’s a job best left to the professionals rather than a project to consider handling yourself. Once the new coating is applied to your bathtub, it will look like new and can last up to 20 years with proper care and maintenance.

Some of the benefits of bath resurfacing include affordability and the relative ease of the process. A bath reglazing service will be less than the cost of having an entirely new bathtub or shower enclosure installed. And, without the need to remove the existing tub and put in a new one, the level of work and construction going on in your home is kept to an absolute minimum.

So why isn’t this a more popular bathroom remodeling option? There are plenty of disadvantages to bath resurfacing as well. Despite how long the restored bathtub can last, it requires a lot more care over the years. Harsh chemicals can easily deteriorate the new surface or dull the shiny finish, leaving you with a damaged bathtub. And, because stronger chemicals can’t be used, you may find yourself spending more time combatting mold and mildew growth in a resurfaced bathtub.

Alternatives to Bath Resurfacing

A bathtub replacement is a great alternative to bath resurfacing. Having an entirely new bathtub installed comes with some obvious benefits. First, the product is brand-new rather than restored, so you can expect it to give your bathroom a fresh and updated look. You’ll also have the opportunity to change up the design and opt for customizations and accessories that you didn’t have with your old bathtub. Additionally, today’s bath and shower products are designed to suit your busy lifestyle. Made from durable and nonporous materials like acrylic, a replacement bathtub can provide long-lasting performance while being much easier to clean and maintain over the years. In fact, many of today’s bathtub products are specifically designed to resist the growth of mold and mildew.

Despite the many benefits of a bathtub replacement, some homeowners still shy away from this option because of the renovation work required. If you’re living in a space where there’s only one bathroom available, the thought of having that bathroom out of commission for days or weeks on end is simply not feasible. However, there is a solution to this concern as well.

Many bathroom remodeling contractors, including MaxHome, offer convenient, one-day bathtub installation services. We follow a proven process for helping you design and customize your perfect bathtub, and we won’t touch your bathroom until it is ready to be installed. This eliminates construction delays that can occur when waiting for a specific product to be delivered. Once your new bathtub is ready, our team works diligently to remove the old tub entirely and install the new one in place—all of which we can do in just one day!

If you’d like more information on our bathtub replacement services as an alternative to bath resurfacing, contact MaxHome today. We would be happy to answer your questions and help you find the bath remodeling option that’s best for you.

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