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You’ve Found the Best Impact Windows for Your Jay, FL, Home

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If there’s one thing you know about hurricanes, it’s that they’re incredibly damaging wherever they make landfall. If there are two things you know about hurricanes, it’s that they’re incredibly damaging wherever they make landfall, and that impact windows can help make a difference in the livability of your home. Jay, Florida, has been hit by its fair share of hurricanes over the years, and impact windows have helped homeowners keep themselves, their families, and their belongings safe from Mother Nature’s incredible wrath.

What Are Impact Windows?

Impact windows are so-called because they’re incredibly resistant to breaking or shattering by any impact from flying debris during a hurricane. Hurricane-force winds blow upwards of 74 mph, and most ordinary windows wouldn’t have a chance at staying intact if impacted at those speeds.

But impact windows are specially engineered and manufactured to withstand 180 mph winds without budging. The glass can even be impacted by debris and not break. If, however, flying debris does break your window, it won’t send glass flying into your home. It won’t even cave in the glass. The windowpane will stay right where it is, held in place by a polymer layer that holds the glass together in its frame. The windowpane will need to be replaced, but your family and belongings will stay safe.

Why You Should Choose MaxHome for Impact Windows

MaxHome has been growing in the home improvement industry since 2003, when we started doing bathroom remodels. Since then, our name has become synonymous with excellence, fair pricing, quality work, and exemplary service. Contact us today to discuss the impact windows you need for your Jay, FL, home.

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