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Securing Your Lake Charles, LA, Home With Hurricane Impact Windows

If you’ve lived in Lake Charles, Louisiana, for any amount of time, you know the terror hurricane season can bring. If you’re tired of boarding up your windows every time a storm comes along, it may be time for you to have hurricane impact windows installed on your home.

Hurricane Impact Windows, Explained

So, what are hurricane impact windows? At MaxHome, we have two lines of MaxWindows we recommend depending on your distance from the coast. For Lake Charles residents, we suggest having our MaxStorm windows installed since you’re not all that far from the coast.

MaxStorm windows are designed to withstand everything Mother Nature has to throw at you. They use airplane window-like technology, layering multiple panes of laminated glass with a rubbery polymer and a plastic insert. The polymer keeps the glass from shattering or caving into your home if a severe enough impact does occur. And the plastic helps prevent any undue pressure from squeezing into the window, which could blow out the window and pop the roof off your house.

Other Benefits of Hurricane Impact Windows

Hurricane impact windows don’t just protect your home from catastrophic storm damage. They also offer other benefits, including:

  • Energy efficiency – Because the glass is laminated with low-E technology, it reflects more than 99% of harmful UV rays that would cause heat transfer into your home. That lets you use your HVAC system less to keep your house cool, potentially lowering your energy bills.
  • Low maintenance – Our MaxStorm windows are vinyl-framed, so they won’t chip, crack, peel, or pit. All you have to do is hose them down a couple of times a year to keep them looking as lovely as the day we installed them.

Why Choose MaxHome for Hurricane Impact Windows

MaxHome is on a unique mission: to make our customers MaxHappy. That’s a combination of joy, glee, and jubilance that comes with knowing your house is a little more secure against hurricanes. We have a list of more than 20,000 MaxHappy customers, and we’d be honored to add your name to the list. Contact us today for your free design consultation at your Lake Charles, LA, home.

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