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How to Replace Casement Windows in Your Home

Casement windows are a great way to increase ventilation in your home. But if you have old casement windows that are leaky or drafty, you may find yourself wondering how to replace the casement windows in your home. Like all window replacements, it can be tricky to replace your casement windows. However, with some home know-how and patience you can install new casement windows for your house.


Replacing Your Casement Windows

The actual process of replacing casement windows in your home can be quite complicated depending on the specific details of your situation, but we’ve outlined a basic rundown of the process below:

, How to Replace Casement Windows in Your Home

  • Find a good replacement — You’ll want to go with a replacement window that’s made by a reputable company, with good warranties, to give you the most peace of mind.
  • Measure, measure, measure — Take precise measurements of both the window and the window opening to ensure a good fit for the replacement window you purchase.
  • Remove molding — Make sure that when you’re removing your old molding you treat it gently, especially if you want to reuse it.
  • Remove jambs — You probably won’t reuse old window jambs, but be careful when removing them or else you might damage your window opening.
  • Remove siding as necessary — Again, take care because you’ll probably want to reattach your siding after you install your replacement window.
  • Remove nails along the window flange — Carefully remove the nails holding your window in place on the outside.
  • Remove the old window — Always exercise caution when working with anything comprised of glass.
  • Add wedges as necessary — Add wedges to the corners of your window opening as needed to get make it level for the new window.
  • Place new window — After dry-fitting your new window in place, check for center and level. Make adjustments as needed, because it’s much easier to make corrections before you nail your window in place.
  • Nail your new window in place — Make sure your nails are suitable for the task and long enough without being too long.
  • Replace your siding, window jambs, and molding —The last few steps are putting everything back into place. Always be sure to do a final check for plumb and level.

If You Know How to Replace Casement Windows in Your Home, But Are Still Worried, Call the Experts at MaxHome

Replacing windows isn’t for the faint of heart. If you know all the steps for replacing a casement window but still aren’t sure if you can accomplish it, you shouldn’t hesitate to call the window experts at MaxHome. We’ve got plenty of experience installing top-of-the-line windows correctly and quickly. And, when you go with us, your new windows will be completely custom-made to your home’s exact dimensions, ensuring a weathertight seal. To chat with a window expert, contact MaxHome today.

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