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How to Remodel Your Bathroom for Aging in Place

, How to Remodel Your Bathroom for Aging in PlaceIt’s a comforting feeling to know that your current residence is your forever home. This means that you can custom-tailor every part of your house to your specific needs and preferences. As you reach the golden years of life, you may be brainstorming some ways to make your home safer and better suited to your changing mobility. An especially important space to focus on is the bathroom, as this can become the most dangerous room in the home without the proper upgrades. Here are some key ways to remodel your bathroom and stay safe as you age in place:

Install All the Grab Bars

No matter your age, you’ve probably had a few instances of almost losing your balance in the bathroom—maybe you’ve even taken a tumble. While you can usually laugh it off, this can potentially be a dangerous situation. Therefore, it’s a smart idea to install grab bars in your bathroom for added stability. These can be placed in or near the tub/shower, by the toilet, or anywhere else where you may need to brace yourself and get a little extra support.

Update the Toilet

Using the toilet—something so simple and crucial to your daily life—should not be a challenge. As you get older, you may need to make some adjustments to this part of the bathroom to keep it as safe and easy-to-use as possible. This can include adjusting the height of your toilet to make it taller, swapping the seat with a wider and/or more comfortable one, or maybe even changing the position of your toilet in your bathroom to accommodate a walker or wheelchair.

Make Your Floors Get a Grip

Water is an important and prominent part of the bathroom. However, this means that many surfaces can get wet and slick, easily causing a slip-and-fall accident. There are special nonslip mats that are designed for inside the tub, typically made from silicone or plastic and designed with holes and suction cups. Outside of the shower, you can lay bath mats with rubber bottoms that will stay put rather than ordinary ones that often slip right out from under you.

Opt for a More Accessible Tub or Shower

While you need to use the bathtub or shower to get clean, more traditional models can be difficult for older individuals to navigate. If you’re concerned about your safety when it comes to this part of your bathroom, you should consider updating to a more accessible option like a walk-in shower or tub. Walk-in showers are absent of any tub walls that commonly trip people up, and walk-in tubs are designed with tight-sealing doors and chair-height seats to make taking a bath a breeze.

Where can you find a walk-in tub or shower for your bathroom? The skilled and experienced bathroom remodelers at MaxHome proudly install both of these options. And if you’re unsure which system is right for your bathroom, our knowledgeable team would be happy to make an expert recommendation. If you decide that a walk-in shower is the better bathing option, you’ll be able to customize it in myriad ways, including optional safety components like grab bars and bench seats.

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