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Money Saving One-Day Shower Remodel Vs. Conventional Bathroom Remodel

, How a One-Day Shower Remodel Saves You MoneyIn a perfect world, you would be able to make any and every update you wanted to your home. However, the fact is that most homeowners need to consider the cost associated with these upgrades. Take a bathroom remodel, for example: A total bathroom transformation can be a costly and inconvenient project. If the main focus for you is updating the shower, you may consider focusing your efforts (and money) on this area alone. Here are a few reasons why a one-day shower remodel saves you money compared with conventional remodeling:

Less Materials Are Used

A full bathroom remodel can involve a lot of components: cabinets, flooring, paint, hardware, etc. Purchasing all these new materials can come with quite a hefty price tag, and you might have to wait awhile for some items to come in if you custom-order them. If everything aside from your wet area is in fairly good shape, why spend all that money when you can simply focus on remodeling the shower? This way, you’re making the most important investment in a new shower without overspending on a complete overhaul.

You Don’t Have to Leave Your Home

Some homes only have one full bathroom for the family to use. If you were to complete a full, lengthy remodel, you would potentially have to spend even more money to stay at a hotel or drive back and forth to a loved one’s home while the project is completed. After all, you can’t go days without using a bathroom. You can avoid this extra cost by opting for a one-day shower remodel instead.

Fewer Craftsmen Are Needed

A majority of homeowners are better off hiring professional bathroom remodelers rather than DIYing the project. The larger the scope of the project, the more manpower you’ll need—which means more people will have to be paid. A simple shower remodel, on the other hand, will require fewer technicians and therefore lower the cost of labor.

There’s a Smaller Margin of Error

While all bathroom remodelers should work as carefully and skillfully as possible, a bigger renovation with multiple components has a higher chance of something potentially going wrong. This is especially true if the plumbing is being reworked or walls are being knocked down. A one-day shower remodel, however, is a fairly straightforward process and has little margin of error.

MaxHome Performs One-Day Shower Remodels

Now that we’ve established one-day shower remodels save you money compared to complete overhauls, the next step is choosing the right company for the project. Enter: MaxHome. Since 2003, we have been offering beautiful and affordable bathroom remodeling services in as little as one day. While our installations don’t last long, our products sure do—our walk-in showers are crafted using durable, 100% nonporous acrylic We can provide a stunning walk-in shower with components hand-picked by you, ensuring that it is a perfect upgrade for your home.

We proudly serve homeowners located in Florida, Louisiana, and Texas. Contact us today to learn more about our services areas, shower remodels, and other home services.

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