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Eco Friendly Practices for a Sustainable Bathroom | MaxHome

If you have recently made the commitment to live a more eco friendly lifestyle, you may be looking for ways to ensure your daily routine has less of a negative impact on the planet. As the space where you go both to get ready for the day and to take the day off, your bathroom offers plenty of opportunities for improving sustainability and decreasing the usage of resources. Below, we’re offering some ideas for incorporating eco friendly practices into your daily routine and improving the overall sustainability of your bathroom.

Opt for a Shower Over a Bathtub

When it comes to your bathroom, one of the most significant ways you can make a difference in your environmental footprint is to choose a shower over a bathtub. While a long soak in the tub can be incredibly relaxing, it also uses more water than a quick shower. If you currently have a tub and want to make an eco friendly switch, simply look into a tub-to-shower conversion from our team at MaxHome. We can often perform conversions in a single day, and we have plenty of replacement shower options to choose from that will perfectly suit your space and preferences.

Install an Efficient Showerhead

Choosing to shower instead of bathing in a tub is only one step that can help you save water. Another is to have a special water-saving showerhead installed. There are numerous eco friendly, low-flow showerhead products out there that can help you make a difference. You’re sure to find one that matches the aesthetics of your bathroom while offering the full range of functional features you need to enjoy your shower at the same time that you reduce your water wastage.

Swap Your Old Water Heater for a High-Efficiency Model

An eco friendly water heater won’t only help reduce your carbon footprint by using less energy; it will also help you save on your electricity bills. In contrast to conventional water heaters that keep water heated throughout the day and night, high-efficiency models heat water on demand. Some can even produce hot water with virtually zero lag time, making this swap a no-brainer.

Invest in a Low-Flow Toilet

Could you be wasting water with the simple press of a button day in and day out? Making the choice to purchase a low-flush-volume toilet can help you significantly cut down on wastage without changing any of your daily practices. In addition to low-flow toilets, there are also dual-flush models that allow you to adjust water usage to your needs.

Choose Sustainable Materials During Your Bathroom Remodel

If you are about to embark on a bathroom remodel, you can also enhance the eco-friendliness of this space by choosing sustainable materials over more conventional options whenever possible. For example, recycled glass is becoming increasingly popular for countertops thanks to its low maintenance requirements, durability, and modern look. As for flooring, bamboo is an option to consider. Not only is bamboo highly renewable, but its production requires less energy than ceramic tile. It also has the benefit of being biodegradable, unlike vinyl flooring.

Look to MaxHome for Help With Making Your Bathroom More Eco-Friendly

At MaxHome, we are eager to help make the commitment to living a green lifestyle easier for homeowners. We can provide you with sustainable bathroom ideas and guide you step-by-step in redesigning your bathroom to include more eco friendly fixtures and materials. Most importantly, we’ll ensure the final result is in line with your aesthetic preferences and all your functional requirements.

Are you ready to make the switch to a more sustainable bathroom? Reach out to the team at MaxHome today to explore eco friendly bathroom ideas that can make a difference for the planet!

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