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Double Hung Windows: A Break Down | MaxHome

Are you about to begin the process of replacing the windows in your home? If you’re like many homeowners in the community, you may be eyeing a wide range of window styles for your upcoming project, including the double hung style. Double hung windows are a popular choice for several reasons, from their superior versatility to their energy efficiency and the ease of cleaning and maintaining them. To learn more about the various features that make this type of window such a great option, check our break down below.

Understanding the Difference Between Double Hung and Single Hung Windows

Before we jump into the benefits of the double hung style, let’s take a look at what differentiates this window type from single hung windows. Single hung windows, which are sometimes called single sash windows, have a stationary upper sash and a lower sash that slides up and down. Ventilation occurs when the bottom sash is open.

In contrast, double hung windows have two operable sliding sashes: the upper and the lower sash. Because both of the sashes can move, these windows offer increased ventilation compared to their single hung counterparts. Additionally, they promote added comfort as warm air that rises can more easily escape from the top sash, while cooler air can enter through the lower sash.

Benefits of Double Hung Windows

Although single hung windows are often less costly than double hung, many families opt for the latter thanks to the numerous benefits they offer. Next, let’s explore why many homeowners make this choice when selecting replacement windows.

They Are Easy to Clean

Modern versions of the double hung style have a specific feature that makes cleaning a breeze. On these windows, each of the sashes can be tilted inward, facilitating easy access to the glass pane and thus safer, more efficient cleaning.

They Increase Safety in the Home

Have you ever wanted to open a window to increase airflow, but chose not to because you have small children at home? You won’t have to deal with stuffy air in order to protect your toddler when you have double hung windows. As you can simply slide down the top sash, which will be out of reach of your little one, you won’t have to worry about the safety hazard of them being near an open window.

They Offer Added Comfort in Busy Areas

In busy areas of the home, such as the family room or bathroom, the extra ventilation offered by double hung windows can significantly increase your comfort. Rather than feeling like you have to turn on the air conditioning to cool down the space or use electricity to run a fan, you can simply open both sashes of the window. These windows are also especially helpful on the second floor of the home, where hot air tends to gather and where window cleaning could otherwise be a nuisance.

Turn to MaxHome for Beautiful and Perfectly Installed Replacement Windows

When you make MaxHome your partner in your window replacement project, you’ll have plenty of window types to choose from, including the appealing double hung variety and their single hung alternatives. We proudly offer a wide range of frame colors and grid and glass options to make sure the final result is in perfect alignment with the overall aesthetic of your home. With over two decades in the industry, we take pride in improving our clients’ living spaces one project at a time!

For more information about our double hung windows and expert window installation services, simply reach out to the team at MaxHome today!

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