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Do Windows Lose Energy Efficiency Over Time?

Homeowners who have noticed their energy bills slowly growing but can’t figure out the cause might find themselves wondering, “do windows lose energy efficiency over time?” If you’ve been searching for the answer to your rising energy costs and can’t seem to locate the answer, you should consider your windows. Surprisingly, the age of your window may make a bigger difference than you realize. Over time, a window’s effectiveness can fade. Even windows that were once very efficient will lose their effectiveness eventually.

What Happens to Make Windows Lose Energy Efficiency?

To understand why windows lose energy efficiency over time, you have to understand what makes them energy efficient in the first place. With multi-paned windows, the multiple panes of glass serve as a way to contain various inert gasses. These gasses are kept in between panes with the aid of gaskets and seals. Eventually, these seals will begin to degrade, whether from use, exposure to sunlight, or simply the passing of time. As these seals break down, the gasses trapped within escape, which begins to lower the efficiency of these windows.

Just like the seals between panes in multi-paned windows, the seals around your window will also degrade over time. This deterioration effects all types of windows eventually. Unfortunately, the nature of sealants and caulk is that eventually they will lose their effectiveness and stop being an airtight seal. As the compounds break down, the seals become less effective at stopping temperature loss and airflow.

Installation Matters for Energy Efficiency

All old windows will eventually succumb to lessened energy efficiency. When putting new windows in your home, a proper installation will make a big difference in their long-term energy efficiency. When you go with a reputable window installation company, like MaxHome, your new replacement windows will be custom-fitted to your window openings and expertly sealed to your home’s frame, ensuring a good thermal performance for years to come. To find out more about our replacement windows or to schedule a consultation for your house, contact MaxHome today.

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