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Choosing the Best Shower Enclosure

A Running shower in the beautiful bathroom

Choosing a new shower enclosure for your home can be an exciting process. Upgrading your bathing space to better suit your needs and enhancing the beauty of your entire bathroom at the same time is a popular remodeling project. After all, the bathroom is a space in your home that gets a lot of use over the years, and designing it to perfectly suit your preferences can improve your quality of life. However, if you’re not sure how to begin selecting the features and design elements of your new shower enclosure, this overview can help you get started.

Start by Considering the Material

This may not be the most exciting part of your bathroom remodeling project, but thinking about the material is an important first step. Shower enclosures can be made from all sorts of materials, ranging from premium natural stone and tile to solid surface and acrylic shower walls. While some of the more premium options may offer an attractive aesthetic, you’ll also want to consider the amount of maintenance and care required to keep up these materials. Natural stone in particular is a porous material that’s not necessarily ideal for wet areas of the bathroom, while tile grout lines can require a lot of heavy scrubbing. Meanwhile, acrylic and solid surface materials can often provide an elevated aesthetic while still keeping the maintenance requirements to a minimum.

Think About the Functionality

Your shower enclosure will get a lot of use over the years, so you want to make sure it’s designed to suit your preferences. Consider the elements that will enhance the bathing experience and look for accessories that suit those preferences. For instance, if you constantly feel like you don’t have a good place for all of your shampoo bottles and other hygiene products, consider a shower enclosure design that incorporates plenty of storage space—recessed shelving and corner caddies are both great solutions for these needs. You’ll also want to consider your personal preferences for the shower, such as whether a fold-down seat or bench seat may provide enhanced comfort in the shower. Grab bars and other safety features may be helpful for better stability and peace of mind as well.

Finish With the Aesthetics

While the material you choose for your shower enclosure may dictate the range of aesthetics you can choose from, you’ll likely have plenty of design options to choose from. Consider the color scheme of your bathroom and how various patterns and textures in the shower may complement the space. You can then put the finishing touches on your shower enclosure by choosing the showerhead and hardware finishes as well as other finish elements that will complete the look and style of your new shower.

Get Started on Your Shower Remodel

At MaxHome, we are the experts in shower remodeling services. If you’re interested in having a new shower enclosure installed, contact us for professional design assistance and installation services. We’d be happy to help you choose the best shower enclosure for your home.

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