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Benefits of Walk-in Tubs


What Are the Benefits of a Walk-in Tub? 

Walk-in tubs are often the first option that comes to mind when dealing with mobility issues in the bathroom. These special tubs are an easy solution to the mobility problem. Walk-in tubs feature a low step along with an easy to open and close door making them ideal for people who are trying to make their bathing area safer.  What most people don’t know is that walk-in tubs are also great at providing a spa-like environmentThese tubs have a multitude of jets along with heating features that allow for a relaxing bathing experience.  If you have back or leg issues, you should consider what walk-in tubs have to offer. 


Walk-in Tub Comfort 

Standard tubs only provide you with 13 to 14 inches of water while a walk-in tub can be filled to nearly 4 feet of water depth. This allows for total body immersion while being seated securely on the jetted seat.  Seats are generally placed at around 17 inches leaving almost 20 inches of water height to immerse yourself.  

Walk-in tubs feature a door on the side of the tub that must be closed while filling and draining. This means that you will have to be seated in the tub before it begins to fill and will not be able to exit the tub until after it is completely drained. Keep in mind most models are equipped with heated seats so you will not be catching cold while waiting for the tub to fill or drain.  


Makes Bathing Easier and Safer 

If you want to make sure your bathing space is prepared for aging-in-place, a walk-in tub is a good place to start. Walk-in tubs provide an array of safety features to help reduce falls in the bathing area. From built-in grab bars, scald prevention valves, and a low step threshold, walk-in tubs are designed to be a safe space for bathing.  

As long as your tub is equipped with a scald prevention valve you don’t have to worry about burning yourself while starting your bath, but the water may be a little chilly to start as it begins to heat while filling. Purchasing a walk-in tub with a heated seat feature, will help keep you warm as your spa-like tub fills. 


, Benefits of Walk-in TubsHealth Effects of Walk-in Tubs 

Walk-in tubs are designed with jets that you would typically find on an outdoor jacuzzi. These jets are designed for Hydrotherapy and are strategically placed along the back, legs, and feet. The Hydrotherapy jets agitate the heated water providing a massage like experience that relaxes tired and achy muscles.     

The jets on a walk-in tub are a fabulous spa-like feature, but even if you decide not to turn them on just soaking in the immersive warm water has positive health effects. The benefits of warm water for those over the age of 60 include reducing certain aches and pains along with helping with the healing process of certain types of injuries.  


Installing a Walk-in Tub 

Most people are concerned about space when shopping for a walk-in tub. The good news is that walk-in tubs come in a variety of sizes to fit the need of your space. There are even models that are large enough for two people to bathe at the same time!  

Consulting an expert in walk-in tub installation is the best place to start when shoppingDuring the consultation the expert will: 

  • Properly measure your space 
  • Present you with walk-in tub options 
  • Outline the different features of each model 
  • Discuss the installation process 

If you would like to learn more about walk-in tubs, contact a MaxHome expert today 

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