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A Great Alternative to Bathtub Refinishing in Milton, FL

You may be considering bathtub refinishing in your Milton, FL, bathroom. At MaxHome, we’d like to advise against that. Here’s why:

Bathtub Refinishing is a Long, Involved Process

When you refinish a bathtub, you have to spend hours on your hands and knees. First, you have to strip the glaze from your bathtub. Then you have to sand down your tub to make sure it’s perfectly smooth. After that, you reglaze the bathtub.

There are so many ways to make mistakes when you refinish your bathtub. You can miss removing spots of glaze. You could overlook spots that need more sanding. You might spread the new glaze unevenly. Any of these missteps could make for a bathtub that’s less attractive than when you started.

Even if you have a professional do your bathtub refinishing for you, the process is long and involved. You have to let the new glaze set for several days before it’s safe to use your bathtub. Fortunately, there’s a better option.

One-Day Bathtub Installation

At MaxHome, we offer one-day bathtub installations. You get to design your perfect bathtub with:

  • A variety of color choices
  • Accessories like soap dishes and shelves
  • Safety features like grab bars and built-in seating
  • Simple maintenance
  • Resistance to bacteria, mold, grime, and mildew

The MaxHome Difference

When you partner with MaxHome for a bathtub installation, you’ll forget you ever considered a bathtub refinishing project. Our installers are quick, thorough, and clean up after themselves. You don’t have to worry about needing ventilation when glazing or inhaling acrylic dust from sanding. Best of all, we go above and beyond to make our customers MaxHappy. Contact us today about your bathtub needs in Milton, FL.

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From the initial call to the final installation not a problem. What a wonderful Company to deal with. I recommend it very highly.
Sandra W.
We are satisfied,lifetime warranties on the products, with a better business bureau "A" rated and a factory certified installers with ....
Bernett G.
Max Home did a great job. Workers were very polite and made sure they keep area clean. The installer did a great job!
Richard J.
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