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Why Bathtub Refinishing Shouldn’t Be Your Go-To Choice in Crestview, FL

Bathtub refinishing is an arduous, days-long, multi-step process that’s incredibly easy to mess up. That’s why we at MaxHome can’t, in good faith, recommend it. We have a much simpler, less laborious solution: bathtub replacement. After a design consultation in your Crestview, Florida, home, we will send your bathtub design to our top-notch manufacturer. Once they deliver your new bathtub and surrounds to us, we can have them installed in your home in as little as one day.

What Is Bathtub Refinishing?

Bathtub refinishing, boiled down, is the process of removing the glaze from your bathtub and replacing it with new glaze. People do this when their tubs are looking dingy, worn, or lightly cracked. Any further damage to your bathtub beyond that would necessitate a complete bathtub replacement.

To refinish your bathtub, you first have to remove the tub overflow plate, then remove the caulk. If it’s silicone caulk, you need a special caulk remover, otherwise the residue will ruin your refinishing efforts. Next, you must thoroughly scrub your tub clean. Make sure to clean extra well around the drain, as that’s another common point of failure.

After that, you have to repair any chips, nicks, or cracks. Then, once the tub is completely dry, you need to sand it down so it’s completely smooth and no glaze remains. Finally, apply the new glaze, following all package instructions. All you have to do is wait several days for the glaze to cure, then you can start using your tub again.

Why Bathtub Replacement from MaxHome is a Better Choice

When you choose a bathtub replacement with MaxHome over bathtub refinishing, we do it all for you, from start to finish. We even clean up after ourselves! That’s because we want you to be MaxHappy: joyful, jubilant, and optimistic about your new bathtub. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation in your Crestview, FL, home.

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