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Bathroom Remodelers in Lafayette, LA

, Bathroom Remodeling Contractors Lafayette

Planning a bathroom remodel Lafayette, LA? Meet the experienced bathroom remodeling experts at MaxHome for a cosmetic makeover of your washroom in as little as a day.

Experienced, trained, and educated, our professionals offer personalized restrooms and other home remodeling solutions. We turn your dream bathroom idea into a reality!

Quality Bathroom Renovation Solutions in Lafayette

At our Lafayette bathroom remodeling company, we offer a range of customized solutions that suit your needs. From personalized bath options to innovative shower replacements, we turn the washroom into your ultimate comfort zone.

Here’s what MaxHome’s dedicated bathroom contractors and remodelers specialize in. Check this out:

Walk-In Tubs

Want to get rid of the old and moldy bathtub? Time for a convenient, professionally installed Ella’s Bubbles walk-in tub made from high-quality materials. Our expert technicians can install a new walk-in bath within a day!

The walk-in bathtubs from Ella’s Bubbles have a low-entry threshold, easy-to-reach controls, and comfortable seating. It is the ultimate relaxation retreat after a tiring day at work.

MaxHome works with a top-quality supplier to make you MaxHappy and provide you with accessible, safe, and aesthetic walk-in tubs that increase the functionality of your restroom. Our comprehensive bath remodel services always leave our customers satisfied.

Bathtub Replacement and Installation

Choose MaxHome for a seamless bathtub replacement and professional installation that takes only a day. Our bathroom remodels involve top-notch bathtub placements and modifications. We comply with all local safety standards for bathroom remodeling in Lafayette, LA.

Our team follows a hassle-free process, which is a testament to our reliability. MaxHome delivers bathtub replacements and installations with confidence, ensuring durability and aesthetic appeal. Our experienced technicians guarantee meticulous workmanship, leaving you with a beautifully remodeled bathroom that enhances your home’s value. Unparalleled service is the top priority of MaxHome!

Showers Replacement and Installation

A different shower isn’t always better, but a better shower is always different! That’s what we believe at MaxHome when we send our skilled technicians to fulfill your shower remodel needs.

We utilize water-efficient, aesthetic, and convenient shower options for every bathroom remodel. Adhering to all industry standards, we complete shower remodels without a mess.

Thanks to our bathroom remodel Lafayette, LA, the whole process can be completed in a day after you consult our technicians. They will take care of the rusty old showers and the worn-down restroom with a seamless renovation process. We have replaced thousands of showers and made our clients in Lafayette, LA MaxHappy for years!

Tub/Shower Conversions

Whether going from a luxurious bathtub to a spacious and chic shower space or the other way around, MaxHome’s services are exactly what you need. Why?

Our bathroom remodeling projects are a testament to our dedication and passion for the industry. We understand, climbing over a tub wall can be inconvenient for some. Let us help you replace it with a luxurious, new shower that has strategic bar placement, shelving, and other perks.

We assess your whole washroom to maximize space utilization and improve accessibility. Our tub-to-shower conversions are seamless, hassle-free, and customizable. When we complete your bathroom remodel, showers become a luxurious experience every day!

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One-Day Remodel

, Bathroom Remodeling Contractors Lafayette

Longing for a spa-like Jacuzzi experience at your home? Let our bathroom remodel specialists take care of your bathtub replacement, shower installation, and other needs.

We take the best bathroom renovation designs and infuse creativity to suit your needs. MaxHome devotedly works with every client to create a dream bathroom from the highest quality materials.

Thanks to the excellent craftsmanship and meticulous detailing honed over many years, our teams have the excellent skills to complete the job in 1 day! Why do clients choose our Lafayette bathroom remodeling services? For the following reasons:

  • Quality Workmanship
  • Accelerated Project Timeline
  • Hassle-Free Replacements and Installations
  • Certification, Reliability, and Trustworthiness

At MaxHome Bathroom Remodeling Lafayette, LA, all bathroom remodels are tailored to match client needs. We prioritize meeting client expectations at every step of the process.

Each bathroom remodeling project performed by us showcases our expertise, personalization, and creativity. That is why, every bath remodel is a successful one at MaxHome. Let us help you turn an outdated bathroom into a modernized spa-like oasis and make you MaxHappy!

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Our Process of Comprehensive Remodeling Services

We at MaxHome promise that you have never seen a more streamlined and professional remodeling process of a washroom. Our bathroom remodeling services in Lafayette, LA speak for our professionalism and reliability. We offer face-to-face consultation with upfront, honest quotations to ease your mind. Moreover, MaxHome offers in-home design consultation and works to provide the best possible rates to get your project started.

Put simply, MaxHome’s bathroom remodel specialists conceptualize your vision, turning it into a reality with a speedy installation process. Our bathroom remodeling process is simple: plan, design, and transform. We schedule a consultation for the initial assessment and create a personalized restroom design. Next, we use our lightning-fast installation process to deliver exceptional results that improve your home value and functionality.

Homeowners trust our bathroom remodeling in Lafayette, LA because MaxHome is the provider of convincing results. You can be one of those satisfied homeowners today!

Planning: During the initial stress-free consultation, we take a look around your washroom. We assess the shower, tub, and other areas to show you how we can help.

Design: Our bathroom contractors will create a personalized design including your requirements. We will design the ultimate bathtub, shower, and liner solutions that fulfill your needs.

Transformation: A simple one-day transformation with minimal disruption will take place at your house, hassle-free, with our bathroom renovation pros. Our craftsmen ensure high-quality results that will increase home value and last for years!

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Why Choose MaxHome for Comprehensive Renovation

Why choose our bath remodeling company in Lafayette, LA? We are reliable and trusted by homeowners all over Lafayette!

For decades, our services have helped homeowners increase home value while adding high-tech functionality to the most frequented rooms in their houses. MaxHome is home to years of experience, commitment to quality craftsmanship, and customer satisfaction guarantees.

Whether moving, rebuilding, or touching up, we can help you make the most out of your bath renovation project here in Lafayette, LA.

There are a whole bunch of reasons why Homeowners in Lafayette, LA praise our range of bathroom remodeling services. Here are just a few to name, we:

  • Are Accredited by Better Business Bureau (BBB) With an “A” Rating
  • Have More Than 20,000 Satisfied Customers (MaxHome Is The Top Choice for Home Improvement Projects)
  • Offer One-Day Replacements and Installations
  • Deliver Double Lifetime Limited Warranty On Our Acrylic Bath Products

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Ready for your current bathroom makeover? The best technicians and washroom cosmetic experts want to help you out at MaxHome.

Trusted by thousands of homeowners, dedicated to transforming homes, MaxHome can help you modernize your washrooms from today. Your new bathroom is just one call away!

Talk to one of our bath renovation experts and take advantage of our competitive pricing in Lafayette, LA. Take the first step to your dream home, with a personalized washroom.

Trusted By More Than
20,000 Happy Customers
From the initial call to the final installation not a problem. What a wonderful Company to deal with. I recommend it very highly.
Sandra W.
We are satisfied,lifetime warranties on the products, with a better business bureau "A" rated and a factory certified installers with ....
Bernett G.
Max Home did a great job. Workers were very polite and made sure they keep area clean. The installer did a great job!
Richard J.
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