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Are Single Pane Windows Energy Efficient?

Many homeowners, when faced with the prospect of replacing their windows might be wondering, if single pane windows are energy efficient. Single pane windows are often less expensive than multi-pane options. Yet despite their lower upfront costs, many people are right to be concerned about the long-term energy costs associated with single pane windows., Are Single Pane Windows Energy Efficient?

Getting the Most Energy Efficiency from Your Replacement Windows

Unfortunately, even though they tend to cost less than double- or triple-pane windows, single pane windows are one of the most inefficient types of windows homeowners can install in their home. Multi-paned windows are more efficient because their window panes are usually filled with various gas mixtures that allow for improved insulating characteristics compared to a single pane of glass. Most multi-pane windows are also available with frames that are filled with insulation, which further increases their thermal performance. These extra steps are usually the biggest reason for the price difference between single and multi-pane windows, but they’re also the reason that multi-pane windows are so much more efficient.

There have been several studies conducted comparing the benefits of multi-pane and single pane windows. The Department of Energy estimates that the average household could save almost $500 per year on their energy bill by switching from single-pane windows to windows with two or more panes. Energy Star has also conducted studies that show that replacing their single pane windows with more efficient options can lower homeowner’s yearly heating and cooling cost by up to 30%. Additionally, when considering the total costs involved in producing electricity and manufacturing windows, studies have suggested that upgrading single pane windows to gas-filled, multi-pane options will save the production of thousands of pounds of CO2 every year.

To Maximize Your Windows’ Energy Efficiency, Don’t Neglect the Installation

Even the most energy efficient windows will be less effective if they are installed incorrectly. When you let a company like MaxHome install your replacement windows, they are custom-made to your home’s exact dimensions and expertly installed, ensuring that your home is completely sealed to minimize thermal waste and keep your energy bill low. To learn more about the cost-saving benefits of multi-paned windows or to schedule a consultation, contact MaxHome today.

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