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Will a Walk-In Shower Increase Home Value?

, Will a Walk-In Shower Increase Home Value?It’s fair to say that when most people sell their home, they want to receive the highest possible offer. So, before making any changes around your house, you’re probably thinking of how it will affect the overall value. When it comes to the bathroom, pretty much any upgrade can increase your home value—especially walk-in showers. Here are a few reasons why a walk-in shower will increase home value, and the one exception that you should consider.

Buyers Don’t Want a Project

When touring a home, most buyers don’t want to see a ton of future projects that will end up costing them time and money. The more move-in ready and updated the house is, the better. A gleaming new walk-in shower will greatly outshine an older system that is past its prime. This desirability translates to higher home value because buyers are willing to pay a bit more to have upgraded aspects.

Modern Is the Move

The word ‘modern’ went from being synonymous with ‘new’ to meaning an entire aesthetic. Walk-in showers embody the modern design trend, as they are more minimal and sleeker than other bathing options. This creates an overall more elevated appearance in your bathroom. The level of luxury can justify listing your home at a slightly higher price.

Safety & Accessibility

Walk-in showers are often safer and more accessible than standard tub/shower combinations. This is because they lack a tub wall that often trips people up and typically feature additional safety components like grab bars. Prospective buyers like older individuals may be willing to pay more for your home knowing it will be easier to navigate around the bathroom with a walk-in shower.

The Exception: Keep at Least One Tub

The one scenario where a walk-in shower may not increase home value is if it’s replacing the only remaining bathtub. It’s usually recommended to keep at least one tub while you’re selling because many prospective buyers can be families with children or pets. It’s much easier to bathe human and fur babies in a tub, so they’ll want to see that your house has at least one. So, if the walk-in shower you’re thinking of installing would be replacing the last tub left in your home, you may want to reconsider.

Receive a Walk-In Shower From MaxHome

Whether you’re trying to increase the value of your home before selling or just hoping for a better bathing method, you can confidently turn to MaxHome. We expertly install walk-in shower systems from industry leader Jacuzzi, so you can feel absolutely confident that you’ll be receiving a long-lasting and transformative update. Not only can you customize your new shower with the right wall panels and hardware, but you can also include safety features like grab bars and a seat for a truly magnificent shower system.

The knowledgeable experts at MaxHome are here to discuss how you can make the right upgrade based on your intentions for selling or staying in your home. Contact us today to get started on a custom-tailored project.

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