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Why a Bathtub Replacement Is Superior to a Liner Installation

, Why a Bathtub Replacement Is Superior to a Liner InstallationWanting to update your bathtub can be quite a predicament. While your tub may be showing serious signs that a replacement is necessary, you might find yourself hesitant to dish out the money or carve out the time. This can lead you to searching for more affordable and efficient options, like having a bathtub liner installed. If you’re stuck in the middle, here are a few reasons why a bathtub replacement is the superior remodeling service.

You’ve Got More Choices

A bathtub liner is designed to conform to your existing tub; it won’t change the shape or size at all. So, while it will have a nice new layer over it, your tub won’t really be different otherwise. By completely replacing your bathtub, you can pick from a vast selection of styles, colors, materials, and more for a new system that better suits your needs and preferences. You can even opt for additional features that you may not currently have, like pulsing jets.

A New Tub Will Last Longer

You may get a decent amount of use out of a tub liner, but it still won’t last as long as a completely new fixture. Chances are that you’re searching for upgrade options because your bathtub is damaged in some way. Many modern bathtubs are crafted using ultra-durable materials that are impervious to cracks, dents, stains, etc., so you can count on a replacement to provide you with years of reliable use. This also leads into the fact that…

It’s a Better Investment

We get it—on paper, a liner is more affordable than a brand-new tub. However, the upfront cost of a bathtub is worth it when it will last significantly longer than a liner. If you end up installing a few tub liners over the years, you’ll have to keep paying for them and the labor of the technicians to install them. Therefore, paying for a full replacement is the better move (if you’re able to do so).

A Replacement Can Be Just as Efficient

Another big benefit that attracts people to tub liners is the efficiency of the installation. Even if you have the money for a new bathtub, you may not have the time for a lengthy project. But who says that a new tub installation has to take that long? Many bathroom remodeling companies nowadays can install their products in as little as one day, the same time that it takes for a liner to be put in place.

One-Day Bath Replacements From MaxHome

Are you convinced that a bath replacement is the way to go? Make it happen by partnering with MaxHome. We’re reputable bathroom remodelers that offer long-lasting, eye-catching bathtubs and install them in only one day. We’ll work closely with you to create a bath that beautifully matches your bathroom, functions according to your needs, and lasts for many years to come.

Wondering where to start? Contact MaxHome today to schedule a complimentary consultation at your home.

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