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4 Ways to Increase Storage in Your Bathroom

, 4 Ways to Increase Storage in Your BathroomIf you were to write down all of the items that are commonly kept in the bathroom, you would probably run out of ink before reaching the end of the list. From extra towels and rolls of toilet paper to hair styling tools and first aid kits, there is a wide range of items that end up being stored in this space. How are you supposed to keep all of your bathroom necessities in one of the smallest rooms in your home? And how can you do so while also keeping it clean and organized? Here are a few ways to increase storage in your bathroom that you might consider trying:

1.     Use the Space Under Your Sink

This one is the most obvious, but also the most important. A surefire way to add extra storage to your bathroom is to replace a standalone sink with a vanity. Not only do the cabinets underneath the sink provide ample space for storage, but the extra counter space can also hold some additional items that you frequently use or would like to display. You can then buy various types of bins and drawers to optimize storage underneath the sink and keep everything neatly organized.

2.     Stack Some Shelves

Instead of looking around the bathroom floor for places to keep things, bring your eyes up to the walls. Shelves are a great place to display décor and tuck away some extra products, ensuring the room won’t feel too cluttered and that you won’t sacrifice important counter space. If your bathroom is particularly small or narrow, consider clear or floating shelves that are fairly minimal in design.

3.     Hang Hooks on the Back of the Door

Another tried and true bathroom storage hack is the back of the bathroom door. If you have limited wall space (or just hung a bunch of shelves, wink) then you may need another spot to hang your towels. The simplest way to make this happen is purchasing an over-the-door rack, but if you prefer a sleeker look, then you can hang hooks right onto the door using small screws or heavy-duty adhesive strips.

4.     Customize Your Shower With Built-In or Grab Shelving

One of the biggest bathroom storage struggles is inside the shower. There are only so many bottles you can keep in the corners of the walls, and finding a caddy to hang from the showerhead that won’t rust or slip off can seem like mission impossible. If you’re already in the market for a new shower, you should consider choosing an upgrade that incorporates shelves right into the design.

Turn to MaxHome for a Shower With Storage

Wait, a shower that is crafted with storage options? This is absolutely a possibility when you partner with the bathroom remodeling professionals at MaxHome. We proudly install Jacuzzi® shower systems that can be customized with various storage spots, including corner shelves, built-in caddies, and grab bars with shelves. So, you can easily choose the right option to hold all of your shower necessities and meet your aesthetic goals.

Explore our shower systems more in depth by contacting MaxHome today. We can show you samples of all of our shower options, including storage solutions, during a complimentary, in-home consultation.

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