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What Are Signs It’s Time to Replace an Old Bathtub?

Are you concerned that it’s time ditch your old bathtub? Does the simple act of taking a bath leave puddles of water all over your bathroom floor? Does it seem like your bathtub never gets clean, no matter how hard or how often you scrub it? If any of these things sound familiar, you might want to learn some of the signs it’s time to replace an old bathtub., Sign’s It’s Time to Replace an Old Bathtub

Signs to Look For

Some of the signs it’s time to replace an old bathtub include:

  • Leaks — Pooling water, trickles through cracks, or mysterious puddles appearing on your bathroom floor after a bath or shower are a sure sign that your bathtub needs replacing. No homeowner should take leaks lightly; they can lead to major structural damage and other problems that represent thousands of dollars in repair costs.
  • Cracks — Any gaps or cracks in your old bathtub can lead to the aforementioned leaks. While they may start out small, cracks can quickly lead to costly problems.
  • Excessive mold or mildew — Telltale black spots throughout your bathtub area start off relatively benignly. At first, these spots of mold or mildew are relatively easy to clean and are isolated to small patches. If they start to spread or grow to multiple parts of your bathtub, this is a sign that the finish has eroded. Additionally, it means that there might be significant pitting in your tub — this all points to the beginning of major cracks, gaps, and then, unfortunately, leaks.
  • Stains — While potentially less catastrophic than the other entries on this list, stains are still a good reason to replace your tub. It’s hard to feel that your bathtub is getting you as clean as possible when you can see unsightly stains throughout it.

If You Notice Any of the Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Bathtub, Call the Pros at MaxHome

If you think that your bathtub meets any of the above criteria, don’t forget to call the bathtub and shower experts at MaxHome. We specialize in shower and bathtub remodels and can help you take care of any bathtub woes you might be experiencing. Best of all, we can finish most of our bathtub and shower remodels in as a little as one day.

You deserve to have a bathtub that makes you feel spotless after you use it. If you think it might be time to replace your old tub, you should call us at MaxHome. To speak to a bathroom remodel expert or to schedule a consultation, contact us today.

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