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, Replacement Windows Houston TXThe Perfect Replacement Windows for Your Home in Houston, Texas

Few features of your home are as important as its windows. They affect the way your home looks from the outside, influencing much of its curb appeal. Windows also strongly influence the way you feel inside your home, whether due to the amount of natural light they let in or the airflow they create. Your home’s windows also influence the amount of energy required to regulate your home’s temperature and thus how much money you spend on your energy bill every month.

All of these factors should be taken into account when you decide to replace your home’s windows. With your careful consideration, replacement windows can completely transform your home. If you want the best windows for your Houston, TX, home, installed by a crew with incredible expertise, you should turn to MaxHome.

The Right Replacement Windows

You want to be sure that the replacement windows you install will last for years, look great, be easy to maintain, provide good energy efficiency, and be completely customized to your home.

At MaxHome, we’re proud to exclusively carry MaxWindows by MaxHome. These windows are all exceptionally strong, easy to care for, and energy efficient. Their frames also don’t flake, peel, pit or corrode. Plus, our windows will look great for years without needing to be repainted or refinished.

Window Styles to Suit Your Needs and Your Home

When you choose MaxHome, you can design your replacement home windows to suit your needs completely. All of your replacement windows will be completely custom-made to your exact specifications. The styles we offer include:

Double-Hung Windows

Double-hung windows incorporate classic window styling with modern conveniences. Their name refers to the fact that both the bottom and top sash can be opened independently, so you can open your windows however you choose. Plus, the sashes can be opened inward to make cleaning the outside of double-hung windows a breeze.

Sliding Windows

Just like their name suggests, sliding windows open horizontally and run along a track. This modern window design offers large vistas and easy operation. Sliding windows can also be designed with space-saving features, like recessed wall pockets that allow the windows to be opened completely and nested within your walls.

Casement Windows

Featuring either window cranks or push-operation, casement windows open horizontally, allowing the sash to sit at a 90-degree angle to the frame. This gives you incredible control of airflow. Since casement windows combine easy operation and increased airflow, they are a popular choice for hard-to-reach places.

Awning Windows

Like their cousin the casement window, awning windows feature a sash that opens outward at a 90-degree angle. However, awning windows open vertically, creating an awning with the sash. Like casement windows, this window style also creates plenty of airflow, with the added benefit of being able to be opened in the rain.

Picture Windows

Picture windows are simple and elegant. They are not designed to be opened but allow unobstructed, beautiful vistas. They are great choices for locations that have great views but no need for an operational window.

Bay & Bow Windows

Bay and bow windows are configurations of multiple windows designed to create usable space within their room while also creating expansive, dramatic vistas. While bay and bow windows require the most extensive renovation of any window type, they can often increase your home’s value.

Regardless of which window style you choose, you can add energy-saving features like multi-paned glass and Low-E coatings. Plus, when you go with MaxHome, you can have peace of mind knowing that you’ll get a professional installation.

The Only Team You Need for Replacement Windows in Houston, TX

At MaxHome, we’ve been working with homeowners in Houston, Texas, for over a decade. To find out more about the incredible replacement windows we offer or to schedule a consultation at your home, contact MaxHome today.

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