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Reflective Insulation for Houston, New Orleans & Baton Rouge Homes

, Reflective InsulationReflective insulation, or radiant insulation, is one of the most popular forms of insulation on the market today, as it is especially effective at limiting the transfer of radiant heat into and out of the home through the roof. This type of insulation works by reflecting radiant heat, keeping it from entering your attic during the summer, and helping to prevent it from leaving your home through the attic during the winter. This helps to alleviate the work of your heating and cooling systems, so you can enjoy lower utility costs year-round. At MaxHome, we offer one of the top brands of reflective insulation, Green Energy Barrier, to homeowners in homeowners in the Houston, New Orleans, Pensacola, and Baton Rouge. When you turn to us for radiant insulation, you’ll receive the Green Energy Barrier Pledge, which is a promise from the manufacturer that you’ll save at least 25 percent on your heating and cooling costs during the 12 months following the installation of your new reflective insulation.

In addition to receiving a top-quality product and the manufacturer’s own performance guarantee, some other benefits of turning to Max Home for radiant barrier insulation include receiving:

  • An in-home consultation with a knowledgeable representative
  • Professional installation service by factory-certified installers
  • Protective coverings to help keep the installation area clean
  • A five-year installation warranty

Contact us today to learn more about our reflective insulation product and installation for homes in homeowners in the Houston, New Orleans, Pensacola, and Baton Rouge. We can also tell you about our energy-saving home replacement windows.

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Max Home did a great job. Workers were very polite and made sure they keep area clean. The installer did a great job!
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