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Finding Great Impact Windows in Cantonment, FL

The first hurricane recorded in the Cantonment, Florida, area was in 1559. That was the year Spanish colonists first established a settlement here. Since 1975, the region has been hit with eight hurricanes and many tropical storms, which have caused massive damage to area houses. That’s why it’s critical that you have impact windows installed on your Cantonment, FL, home.

What Are Impact Windows?

Impact windows have been engineered and manufactured to meet exacting building code standards. They may even be required by that building code. So, if you’re thinking of buying replacement windows, you may have to buy impact windows.

Impact windows are low maintenance, energy efficient, and noise resistant. But their most important feature is their durability.

MaxForce and MaxStorm impact windows have been rigorously tested against hurricane-force winds. They’re multi-layered windows, with a polymer layer that keeps the glass in the frame no matter what. It won’t even cave into your home, much less send shards of broken glass flying. You, your family, and your belongings will stay safe with MaxForce and MaxStorm impact windows.

Impact windows from MaxHome feature:

  • Heavy-duty frames
  • Airplane window-like technology to handle high pressure
  • Multiple panes of laminated glass
  • Vinyl frames that won’t chip, corrode, or crack
  • A multitude of colors and styles to match your indoor and outdoor aesthetic

Why You Should Choose MaxHome for Your Impact Windows

MaxHome is on a mission. We want our employees, vendors, and customers to be MaxHappy. That’s a combination of glee, joy, optimism, and jubilance that comes with knowing you’re in good hands. We take care of our people, and we take care of our customers. We’d be honored to add you to our list of MaxHappy customers. Contact us today to discuss your impact windows for your Cantonment, FL, home.

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