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How to Choose the Best Hydrotherapy Tub for Your Home

, How to Choose the Best Hydrotherapy Tub for Your HomeAfter years of trying to make do with a traditional bathtub, you’re looking to make an upgrade. Perhaps you’ve stayed at families’ homes or hotels where you were able to sprawl out and ease your muscles inside a hydrotherapy tub, and you haven’t stopped wanting your own ever since. If you eagerly started shopping for a hydrotherapy bathtub and were quickly surprised or overwhelmed by the amount of options that are available, you’re not alone. Use this guide to help you choose the best hydrotherapy tub for your home.

What Is Hydrotherapy?

Before diving into the different types of tubs, it will probably be helpful to have an idea of what hydrotherapy means. Hydrotherapy is the use of water in treating different ailments and maintaining overall health. Water can be used in various ways to help with specific conditions; for example, warm water helps ease tense muscles while buoyancy can relieve joint pain.

Now that you know the basics of hydrotherapy, let’s explore some popular types of bathtubs:

Jetted Tubs

When many people think of a hydrotherapy tub, they imagine a jetted or whirlpool bath. These pulsing jets are generally strategically placed throughout the tub at the back, legs, and feet and help massage these parts of the body, easing sore muscles and helping the bather unwind after a tough workout or long day.

Air Bath Tubs

If you still want to ease joint and muscle pain but feel that jets are a bit too much for you, a gentler option is a tub with air bath technology. They work by releasing thousands of tiny, relaxing air bubbles throughout the tub, enveloping your body in a bubbly fizz. Despite being so gentle, this technology greatly aids in stimulating muscles and reducing pain.

Heated Soak Tubs

For some people, the most enjoyable part of a bath is being totally immersed in warm water. Soaking in hot water can do wonders for your body like improve blood flow, promote better quality of sleep, and help relieve pain. Instead of having to turn the hot water on every few minutes to maintain that warmth, you can opt for a heated tub. This way, you’ll stay nice and toasty for as long as needed inside your bath.

Soaking Tubs

If all you need is simply a spacious tub to sprawl out in and soak your worries away, you can choose to have a classic soaking bath installed. While they’re not decked out with any extra features, these tubs are still constructed with ergonomic designs to ensure that every second of your bath is nothing but comfortable, relaxing bliss.

If you’re still overwhelmed by the options available in terms of hydrotherapy tubs, turn to MaxHome for some guidance. We have been expertly installing bathtubs for homeowners throughout the Southeast since 2003, so we have extensive experience helping our customers pick the right upgrade. Contact us today to ask any questions you have regarding hydrotherapy jets or to discuss getting started on a bath remodeling project.

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