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Having a New Shower Installed? Here’s What to Expect

, Having a New Shower Installed? Here’s What to ExpectIt’s easy to have a lot of questions when embarking on a shower remodel. After covering all of the initial logistical and design questions, you’ll probably also be wondering about the installation. Will there be a lot of demolition? How long will the installation take? The answers to many of your queries will depend on the company you partner with and the products they use. Here’s what you can expect when having a new shower installed by the experienced professionals at MaxHome.

Accurate Measurements Are Taken

During an initial consultation, we’ll come to your home to discuss your goals for your new shower. After helping you hand-pick all of the components of your custom shower, we’ll also take accurate measurements of your current bath or shower system. This ensures that your new shower is created according to the exact specifications of the space.

Your Old System Is Removed

On the actual day of the installation, our technicians will start by removing your existing bath or shower. We’ll remove all plumbing fixtures, any accessories, the wall system, and the tub/basin to leave a clean slate for your brand new shower.

Secure Seals Are Used

Before we can get your shower in place, we take the necessary steps to ensure your system is sturdy. For the shower basin, we apply EverSet sealant to firmly secure it to the floor. Shower wall boards are first installed under your custom panels and exclusive triple lock seals are used in each corner to keep them in place. More EverSet sealant is used on the wall boards to guarantee that your walls will never pull away.

The Walls Go Up

Your beautiful, custom-fabricated wall panels are then installed over the shower boards. While some companies have their shower walls stop at the basin, ours extend all the way to the floor, providing a water guard to prevent damage underneath and outside the shower.

Fixtures & Accessories Are Added

Once the walls are in place, your shower can really start coming together as we install the plumbing fixtures like the shower head and knob as well as any accessories that you hand-picked. This can include grab bars, shelves, seats, or any other custom components you chose.

Seams Are Protected

The final step in our shower installation process is to carefully prepare all seams. We apply seam lock that is 100% leak proof, preventing any water from seeping between cracks and prolonging the life of your new shower.

There it is, our comprehensive installation process! Oh, did we mention that all of this spans across one day? That’s right—you won’t have to put up with a lengthy installation timeline, as MaxHome works efficiently to finish our services in as little as one day. We understand how frustrating it can be to go weeks without a shower, so this motivation paired with our extensive experience helps us complete such quick turnarounds.

If there is any type of shower remodel you’re hoping to complete, MaxHome is the company to call. Contact us today to schedule an in-home consultation.

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