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Differences Between Replacement Windows and New Construction Windows

, Differences Between Replacement Windows and New Construction Windows

Are you wondering about the differences between replacement windows and new- construction windows? The respective purposes of these windows are clear from their names: Replacement windows are meant to replace a homeowner’s existing windows and new-construction windows are for buildings that are currently being built. However, the details of their differences may not be so obvious. Even so, replacement windows and new-construction windows feature several distinct differences to make them more suitable for their individual purposes.

Differences in the Design of New-Construction vs. Replacement Windows

New-construction windows are typically prefabricated in standard window dimensions and can be ordered in bulk or picked up at home stores fairly easily thanks to these standardizations. Meanwhile, replacement windows are typically custom made to suit the precise dimensions of the space they’re designed to fill. This is because a new-construction structure is built around the window, while replacement windows must fit into the existing structure. Additionally, windows typically need to be replaced after about 20 years, and by that time, the building has aged and settled a bit. Therefore, the exact dimensions you’ll need for a replacement window may differ slightly from the new-construction model it’s replacing.

With replacement windows, the goal is to minimize the disruption and any work around the window opening and the surrounding structures of the window. With new-construction windows, many of those elements have not been set in place yet, allowing for the framework, window, siding, and other components of the building to be constructed together as a unified system.

Performance Differences Between New-Construction and Replacement Windows

Given the differences in how replacement windows and new-construction windows are designed and installed, you may be wondering whether this affects window performance in each case. The installation process involved in new-construction windows is ideal because all of the elements of the building’s structure and exterior are being built together, so you might think new-construction windows would provide superior performance.

However, replacement windows that are properly installed can perform just as well. When secured in place with all air gaps properly sealed, high-quality replacement windows can offer great benefits for your home. Additionally, if you’re replacing older windows, the differences can be significant. Today’s windows are far more durable and energy efficient than the new-construction windows that were designed 20 or more years ago. So, if you’re concerned about the ability of replacement windows to provide protection and energy efficiency for your home, there’s no need to worry. Having replacement windows installed will likely improve the performance of your home quite a bit—while also raising its value.

Learn More About the Replacement Windows From MaxHome

If you’re interested in replacing your home’s original windows or even older or inferior-grade replacement windows, turn to the professionals at MaxHome. We’d be happy to tell you more about the differences between new-construction and replacement windows and provide you with the products and services you need for your window replacement project.

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