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Need a Cover for Your Patio? Consider These Three Features First

Cover Patio Lafayette LAAdding a cover over a patio or deck space can significantly improve the comfort of your backyard in Lafayette, Louisiana. Since summers can be hot and humid, you might find yourself less inclined to use your patio because the heat just gets too unbearable. With a patio cover, though, you’ll be able to enjoy the fresh air and beautiful views more frequently, as you’ll be protected from the sun.

Before you go to any old company for a cover for your patio, it’s important to understand the features that are included in a well-made cover. For example, consider the material of which the structure is made. Choose a cover made from extruded aluminum, rather than one made from roll-form aluminum or vinyl. Extruded aluminum will maintain its structural integrity for decades. Another feature to keep in mind is the roof. A cover that has a thermal roof will help to deflect the sun’s heat and keep the area underneath more comfortable. Finally, think about the type of finish the structure may have, as you want it to be low maintenance and not require constant upkeep. An electrostatic finish is ideal, as it will not peel, crack, or warp.

MaxHome is the company to turn to when you need a cover for your patio or deck in Lafayette, LA. Our covers are made by TEMO, a leading manufacturer. They are constructed of extruded aluminum, feature a solid thermal roof, and come equipped with an electrostatic finish. Additionally, we provide a five-year installation warranty and TEMO’s limited lifetime transferable warranty to protect your investment.

Contact MaxHome today if you’d like to have us install a cover for your patio in Lafayette, LA.

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