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Three Bathtub Remodel Ideas for Your Home in Beaumont, TX

Bathtub Remodel Beaumont TXA bathtub remodel is a quick and affordable way to completely transform a bathroom in your Beaumont, Texas, home. Whether your tub is an eyesore, is outdated and doesn’t mesh well with the rest of your bathroom, or isn’t functioning correctly anymore, replacing it is an easy way to significantly improve the look and feel of your bathing space.

You may have a bathtub that works perfectly in your Beaumont, TX, home, but has a cracked or damaged structure. In this case, having a liner installed is a better bathtub remodel option than having your tub completely replaced. A tub liner is installed directly over top your existing tub, customized specifically for the tub’s dimensions, and comes in many different colors and styles.

If you find that you no longer use your tub, opting for showers more than baths, why not remove the tub entirely and have a walk-in shower installed in its place? A walk-in shower comes in various threshold heights, including barrier free.

If you find that you do enjoy taking baths, but don’t want to lower yourself right to the ground to do so, consider having a walk-in tub installed for your bathtub remodel. Walk-in tubs come with many safety features, like hand rails and slip-resistant flooring, and also feature hydrotherapy, which is helpful for individuals who suffer from poor circulation, muscle soreness, arthritis, and other conditions.

No matter which option you choose, MaxHome can provide the bathtub remodel you require in Beaumont, TX. Our factory-trained technicians will install your new tub or shower within one to two days, allowing you to start enjoying your new bathing space quickly. Contact us today to schedule a complimentary consultation.

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