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Bathroom Remodel Ideas for Beaumont, TX, Homeowners

Bathroom Remodel Beaumont TXA bathroom remodel can give homeowners in Beaumont, Texas, a bathroom that not only looks beautiful but is also more functional. While there are many components to a bathroom that can be remodeled, oftentimes a simple upgrade to the bathing area – whether that be a bathtub, shower, or both – can result in a bathroom that looks modern and updated. This type of bathroom remodel can be especially beneficial for those who have bathtubs that are outdated, chipped, faded, or cracked, or those with showers that have loose grout and missing tiles.

Fortunately for Beaumont homeowners, there are many ways to revamp showers and bathtubs without having to completely overhaul the entire bathroom. Even better is that a bathroom remodel that focuses only on the wet spaces typically takes far less time and is a fraction of the cost of a traditional remodel. Some of the ways to upgrade wet spaces include:

  • Liners – Bathtub or shower liners can be created to install over your existing bath space to instantly cover up any unsightly blemishes.
  • Walk in bathtubs – These tubs can make bathing safer for those with limited mobility by allowing the user to walk directly into the tub, eliminating the potential hazard of stepping over a high-threshold.
  • Enclosures and wall surrounds – by installing a beautiful new wall surround that resists mold and mildew, and an elegant new enclosure around the wet space, these products can complete the bathroom remodel by giving the room an overall updated look.

At MaxHome, our trained and experienced technicians can install all of these items and more in the bathroom of your Beaumont, TX, home. To learn more about our bathroom remodel projects, contact MaxHome today.

Fast Professional Installation

Most of our bathroom jobs can be completed in just one day by our team of experienced, factory-trained installers. This helps you avoid the inconvenience of living without your bathroom for weeks while it’s being remodeled. Our installers also will ensure that your new shower, bathtub, and wall surrounds have a watertight seal and function flawlessly. We strive to exceed your expectations.

Our Warranty

MaxHome’s acrylic bath upgrades will look like new for years and feature an outstanding limited lifetime warranty for peace of mind. We also provide a warranty on our installation labor, which means we stand behind our work and will be here if you need us, before, during, and after the sale. After we install your new shower, bathtub, and wall surrounds, we believe you should be able to enjoy your new bathing oasis, worry-free, for life.


MaxHome offers several of financing programs so that homeowners can more easily afford their new bathtub and shower. This helps them enjoy the many benefits of a more beautiful, functional bathroom right away. Some of our financing options have included no money down, no payments and no interest for a year for qualifying homeowners. We want to make people happy by helping them afford the upgrades they’ve always wanted for their bathrooms.

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