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Air Filter System for Homes in New Orleans, Baton Rouge & Nearby Areas

, Air Filter SystemIf you have been thinking about purchasing an air filter system for your home in the New Orleans or Baton Rouge area, the experts at MaxHome can help. We’re proud to offer our customers air filter systems and other products designed to improve their homes and enhance their everyday lives. A home air purifying system can provide your family with clean, fresh air every day, making it a worthwhile investment. Unlike air filters, which simply trap particles that are too large to pass through, our air filter systems actually kill airborne contaminants.  This can be especially helpful if you have invested in energy-efficient products like new windows, as these products prevent outdoor air filtration, keeping air pollutants trapped indoors.

When you have an air filter system installed in your home, it will use natural UV light and ozone to:

  • Kill airborne bacteria that causes mold and mildew
  • Get rid of dust particles and other irritants that affect asthma and allergies
  • Neutralize unwanted odors from pets and cooking

Plus, your air purification system will work continuously as long as your air conditioner or furnace is running. The only maintenance required is to periodically change the system’s UV lamps, which we will happily do for you.

To learn more about having an air filter system installed at your New Orleans or Baton Rouge home, contact us today.

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