Screen Rooms for Houston, TX, Homeowners

Screen RoomsMaxHome provides screen rooms for Houston, Texas, homeowners from TEMO, because we believe in only offering the best home improvement products on the market today. TEMO is a leader in manufacturing high-quality, durable outdoor patio products, and their screen rooms are no exception. They feature easy-to-remove vinyl sashes that block up to 99 percent of all harmful UV rays, while also providing exceptional wind and rain protection. Plus, they have solid thermal roofs that deflect the sun’s heat and large window openings that allow for maximum views and ventilation, giving you a beautiful home addition that will provide hours of enjoyment for many years to come.

At MaxHome, we install TEMO screen rooms for Houston homeowners in three distinct styles:

    • Studio – A versatile option available in one, two, three, or return wall set-ups, and works well with most single-story homes without needing additional construction
    • Cathedral – Features stunning vaulted ceilings to add height and appeal to your home, while also blending beautifully with your home’s original architecture
    • Retractable – An option for homeowners who want the choice to leave the screens down to keep the space enclosed, or lift them up on particularly beautiful days to create a covered, open-air patio

Installing a TEMO screen room now also means you have the opportunity to upgrade to a TEMO sunroom in the future, if desired. All we’ll need to do is replace the vinyl sashes with TEMO’s HPG 2000 glass, and your screen room will be transformed into a beautiful TEMO sunroom.

And because we fully believe in the product and the installations our experienced technicians perform, we also provide two great warranties on our screen rooms – a five-year installation warranty and a lifetime transferable product warranty from the manufacturer – so you can trust your investment is completely protected.

If you’d like to learn more about screen rooms and how we can install one on your home in Houston, Texas, contact MaxHome today.