Screen Enclosure Selections for New Orleans, LA, Homeowners

Screen Enclosure New Orleans LAA screen enclosure can maximize the space of your New Orleans, Louisiana, home, providing an area for entertaining guests, indulging in a hobby, or enjoying a meal with a view. MaxHome, a full-service home improvement company, would be proud to install one of these enclosures at your residence. For more than a decade, we have been helping homeowners with their home renovation needs, and we have more than 12,000 satisfied customers to our credit. So, when you turn to MaxHome for screen enclosures, you can trust you are choosing a company that is truly committed to customer satisfaction.

The screen enclosure products we install are supplied by TEMO, a leading manufacturer. You’ll be able to choose from three styles for your New Orleans, LA, home:

  • Vertical retro – This enclosure is designed specifically for porches and gazebos, and is available with roll-in screens and vertical, spring-loaded sashes.
  • Non-upgradable – This is our most versatile screen enclosure that can work wonderfully at homes of many different architectures. You’ll also be able to choose from four screen options: fiberglass memory mesh screen, no-see-ums 20×20 fiberglass mesh screen, solar insect screen, and pet screen.
  • Upgradable – Available in studio and cathedral styles, this enclosure can be converted into a sunroom in the future, if desired. It also features the choice between large horizontal sliders or four light vertical sliders for the vinyl sashes.

For more information about our screen enclosure products, contact MaxHome today. We’re pleased to serve homeowners in New Orleans, LA, and surrounding areas.