Install Gorgeous Awning Windows from MaxHome

Our top-notch awning windows offer the style and sophistication any homeowner desires, while providing remarkable energy efficiency by eliminating drafty conditions and preventing costly heat transfer.

Additional features and benefits of our windows include:

  • Dual weather stripping for protection from severe climate conditions
  • Custom manufacturing for a perfect fit
  • Increased home security due to the low profile, dual-lever locking handle controls

Whether you are searching for easy-to-clean windows with smooth vinyl frames and a tilt-in feature, or you would like the peace and quiet provided by special noise-reducing window technology, our energy efficient awning windows offer all of these benefits, and more.

Awning Window Gallery
Energy Savings
One of the best ways to increase the energy efficiency of your home is by having new windows installed, but all windows are not created equally. MaxHome’s windows take advantage of the latest advances in insulation technology in order to keep outdoor temperatures outside, which can save your heating and air systems from working overtime.
Noise Reduction
New windows from MaxHome will significantly muffle outdoor noises, keeping the inside of your home more peaceful.
Why Replace
New windows from MaxHome can upgrade the appearance of your home, increase your home’s energy efficiency, protect your home from harsh weather and break-ins, and block excessive outdoor noise, among many other benefits.
Our Warranty
MaxHome’s windows are backed by a Lifetime Non-Prorated Transferable Warranty that covers the entire window. Should you decide to sell your home in the future, our window warranties are fully transferable to subsequent property owners.
Fast Installation
MaxHome’s factory trained window installers and project managers complete each project as quickly as possible and always use industry best practices.
Easy Financing
MaxHome offers a variety of financing programs so that homeowners can more easily afford upgrades and enjoy the benefits of a more beautiful, functional home right away.