A Porch Enclosure That Will Stand the Test of Time at Your Home in Houston, TX

Porch Enclosure Houston TXMaxHome can install a durable porch enclosure at your home in the Houston, Texas, area. Whether you’re looking for an extra room to host family parties, enclose a hot tub, or simply relax on the weekends, our porch enclosures are exactly what you need. At MaxHome, we install porch enclosures from TEMO, one of the most reputable manufacturers of outdoor living products in the country, so you can count on receiving a top-of-the-line enclosure that provides decades of longevity.

A porch enclosure can come in two different styles, and it depends on your needs as to which option is best for your home in Houston, TX. You can choose from:

  • Screen rooms – A screen room allows you to still feel the sunshine on your skin and soft breezes while keeping bugs and inclement weather out. Our screen rooms feature thermal roofs, lightweight vinyl sashes, and durable screens in multiple options.
  • Sunrooms – A sunroom provides total protection from the elements and can be used as a home office, guest suite, and more. The TEMO sunrooms we install come in seven different design options and have energy-efficient roofs, walls, and windows to keep your porch enclosure comfortable without requiring a heavy workload from your HVAC system.

Interested in having a porch enclosure installed at your home? Contact MaxHome to schedule a complimentary consultation. We’re pleased to serve homeowners in Houston, TX, and all surrounding communities.