Patio Cover Design and Installation for Residents of Houston, TX

Patio CoverIf you’d like to turn your Houston, TX home into a hub for entertaining, a patio cover can bring even the simplest social get-togethers to the next level. From birthday parties and holiday dinners to Sunday morning brunches and barbeques, any outdoor event takes on a classier, more comfortable feel in the shade of a MaxHome covered patio.

Under the shade of a solid thermal roof, you and your guests will stay cool and comfortable – even during the hot Houston summers. Choose from several Mediterranean-inspired styles, then pick between white and sandstone finishes to create the perfect patio cover for your outdoor space. (From there, it’s easy to add a personal touch with glass dining tables, a miniature herb garden, or hanging varieties of your favorite plants.)

Not only will a patio cover make your space more welcoming and relaxing, but it will also be an impressively low-maintenance investment. We install TEMO brand patio covers, to provide our customers with the ultimate in strength and durability.

  • Our aluminum structures can withstand the elements – from blazing sun to pelting rain.
  • The durable finish won’t rot, rust, or deteriorate.
  • Virtually no annual maintenance is necessary – you’ll finally be able to spend more time relaxing on your patio than cleaning and painting the cover.

If you’d like a bit more versatility, we offer spa gazebos and sunrooms (in addition to our traditional patio cover options, of course.) Not sure where to start? One of our friendly outdoor living experts would be happy to help you decide on the features that would be best for your family’s lifestyle.

Call MaxHome today for more information, or even a complimentary estimate. You can reach our Houston, TX patio cover team by dialing 888-713-8546.