Covers for Patio Spaces in Beaumont, TX

Covers Patio Beaumont TXMaxHome is proud to install durable covers for patio spaces in the Beaumont, Texas, area. If you have an uncovered terrace in your backyard that sees too much sunlight, it can be uncomfortable to spend much time on it because you are constantly worried about the threat of sunburn or a sudden rainstorm. Our covers can turn your patio space into a shaded oasis, where you won’t have to worry about harmful UV rays or the threat of inclement weather disrupting your time spent in your beautiful backyard anymore.

We believe in supplying our customers in Beaumont with the best products on the market, which is why we only install covers for patio spaces from TEMO, one of the leaders in the outdoor living industry. A TEMO patio cover will come with the following benefits:

    • Durability – Made from heavy duty extruded aluminum, our covers are sturdy enough to handle nearly anything nature throws its way, from wind to rain to hail.
    • Beauty – Crafted with solid columns inspired by the rich architectural history of Italy (you’ll be able to choose from Roma, Venetian, and Florentine styles) and equipped with a finish that will not crack, peel, warp, or otherwise deteriorate, our covers add beauty to backyards and remain in like-new condition for decades.
    • Comfort – Thanks to a solid thermal roof that deflects the sun’s heat, the area underneath the cover will remain comfortable, even on summer days that hit the triple digits in temperature.

If you’re ready to learn more about having MaxHome install one of our covers for your patio in the Beaumont, TX, area, please contact us today. We’ll be happy to answer your questions.